Committee Roster


2019 Goals: 
- Promote and enforce the Code of Ethics, educate the members about the Code of Ethics and its obligations
- Serve on hearing panels with concern for providing due process to all parties
- Participate in committee training offered by MAR/NSAR


Member NameMember Title
Bennett, DanielM - Member
Cayer, ShawnM - Member
Cronin, SharonM - Member
DiNucci, MarisaM - Member
Hanson, KarenCH - Chair
Horowitz, AnitaM - Member
LeBlanc, PatriciaM - Member
Lee, ThomasM - Member
Margolis, JoelM - Member
Meegan, DanielM - Member
Melanson, CookieM - Member
Neve, KarenM - Member
O'Connor, LindaM - Member
Pooler, KristalM - Member
Procopio, MichaelM - Member
Proudian, JohnM - Member
Sagan, JulieM - Member
Sandler, CamilleM - Member
Slatko, BettyM - Member
Tisei, RichardM - Member
Vigneron, DianeM - Member
Yorgy, NancyM - Member
Yurko, EllenM - Member
Zanni, DianeM - Member