Committee NameCommittee Description
2019 Awards Work Group 2019 Goals: 
- Review award criteria and select award recipients for Rookie of the Year and Good Neighbor Awards 
- Nominate prior year Good Neighbor Award recipient for MAR award
- Review REALTOR® of the Year (ROTY) nominees' resumes using MAR criteria and select the NSAR ROTY for announcement at the June Education Event
- Review current MAR/NSAR ROTY criteria and make recommendation for any changes

NOTE: Additional Awards (last revised 2017)
- Life Member, Affiliate of the Year - to be selected by Board of Directors
- Rising Star - to be selected by Staff
- Homeownership Advocate - to be selected by Community Involvement & Investment Work Group
2019 Building Management Task Force 2019 Goals: 
- Develop capital budget plan for building
- Develop maintenance/management plan
- Secure tenant for rental unit
- Evaluate and make recommendation about classroom build-out
2019 Community Involvement & Investment Work Group 2019 Goals: 
- Plan for NSAR participation in the Danvers Rail Trail placemaker project
- Recommend and select the 2019 NSAR Homeownership Advocate Award recipient
- Review and update Housing Assistance Data Links and add additional new programs
- Promote the REALTORS® in the Community member submissions for bi-weekly Update emails
- Recommend local housing and homeless organizations for MAR Charitable Grants to the Board of Directors
- Plan community drive for the October Event
2019 Finance & Budget Committee 2019 Goals: 
- Oversee and prepare the Association's annual budget for vote by Board of Directors at August meeting
- Review current investment policy and portfolio and make recommendations to Board of Directors
2019 Government Affairs Committee 2019 Goals: 
- Continue to grow the Town Monitor Program
- Conduct annual Town Monitor Training program
- Identify local issues
- Communicate local issues to members
- Work with MAR or NAR as issue warrants
-Utilize NAR grants and resources for NSAR efforts
- Contribute content to Government Affairs blog as a tool for identifying issues and promoting education/involvement in local issues (legislative and economic development) and local, state, and national REALTOR® Calls for Action
- Plan, participate in, and promote 2019 MAR Day on the Hill
- Explore interest in offering the NAR Candidate Training Program 
2019 Grievance Committee 2019 Goals: 
- Receive ethics complaints and arbitration requests
- Ensure that only valid complaints, properly framed and presented, are sent for hearing
- Participate in committee training offered by MAR/NSAR
2019 HBEC Marketing Work Group 2019 Goals: 
- Plan and implement outreach to the community to increase number of participants in the First-Time Homebuyer courses
- Create member awareness of the program and "Why NSAR?"
2019 Homebuyer Education Steering Committee 2019 Goals: 
- Schedule and implement six course for 2019
- Review MassHousing materials and update NSAR curriculum as needed
- Review program policies and make recommendation to Board of Directors
- Review and update NSAR curriculum and handout materials
- Review applications and make subject matter expert selections
- Review and evaluate instructors annually based on student feedback
- Update NorthShoreMAHomePrograms website as needed
- Review Partnership Agreement with Harborlight Community Partners
- Consider and make recommendation to reapply for CHAPA approval in 2019
2019 June Event Work Group 2019 Goal:
- Plan, develop, implement and attend the June Education Event & Expo with program topic/speaker for 2019
2019 MAR Directors  
2019 Mediation Officers subset of Professional Standards Committee

Facilitate the mediation of arbitrable matters to help resolve controversy, promote amicable resolutions and reduce the number of cases requiring more formal and complex arbitration procedures of the Association. 

Mediation Officers should be thoroughly conversant with the NSAR arbitration procedures and the real estate rules and regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 
2019 Nominating Committee 2019 Goals: 
- Identify a pathway to leadership (program, mentoring, event to promote involvement, outreach by Past Presidents, etc.)
- Identify possible candidates
- Select 2020 proposed slate for NSAR Officers and Board of Directors and MAR Directors
2019 NSAR Board of Directors 2019 Goals: 
- Review/discuss 2019-2021 Strategic and Business Plans
- Member and affiliate outreach: develop and implement a Member Outreach Plan
2019 Ombudsman subset of Professional Standards Committee

Serve as NSAR Ombudsman to attempt to resolve complaints within the procedures established by NSAR. Ombudsman agree to complete a training program, demonstrate objectivity, and possess extensive knowledge of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, license law, and best practices. 

2019 Goal:
- Develop recommendation for messaging to NSAR Brokers benefits of Ombudsman Program. 
2019 Orientation Committee 2019 Goals: 
- Responsible for the Orientation Program for new members, including performing a consistent follow-up program to engage new members in NSAR participation 
- Monitor Orientation members' feedback
- Identify potential new instructors for Orientation 
- Review and update manuals annually

NOTE: new instructors and possible support to become certified through Board of Registration. 
2019 Professional Standards Committee 2019 Goals: 
- Promote and enforce the Code of Ethics, educate the members about the Code of Ethics and its obligations
- Serve on hearing panels with concern for providing due process to all parties
- Participate in committee training offered by MAR/NSAR
2019 RPAC Work Group 2019 Goals: 
- Increase awareness of RPAC value to members and increase participation
- Responsible for exceeding MAR RPAC fundraising and participation goal
- Review current NSAR Elite Contributor program and make recommendation to increase participation
- Plan stand alone RPAC fundraiser (Bowling Event or new)
- Evaluate results of "Why I Invest in RPAC" campaign and plan for promoting value to members
2019 Social Media/Communications Committee
The Social Media/Communications Committee is responsible for using social media and NSAR's online presence as a means to connect and engage members, grow the membership base, increase non-dues revenue and position NSAR as the "go to" voice for real estate on the North Shore. 

2019 Goals:
- Evaluate current NSAR website, portal, social media and its integration with the RAMCO system to identify needs
- Plan to include increased video communication
- Develop a recommendation to the Board of Directors for an integrated platform (website/blog/social media) including potential vendors, costs/revenue and time frames

Branding Sub-Group Goals:
Consider NSAR name change and potential branding consultants
- Consider benefits and disadvantages of name change and associated costs