Committee Roster


2019 Goals: 
- Plan for NSAR participation in the Danvers Rail Trail placemaker project
- Recommend and select the 2019 NSAR Homeownership Advocate Award recipient
- Review and update Housing Assistance Data Links and add additional new programs
- Promote the REALTORS® in the Community member submissions for bi-weekly Update emails
- Recommend local housing and homeless organizations for MAR Charitable Grants to the Board of Directors
- Plan community drive for the October Event


Member NameMember Title
Barry, JohnM - Member
Boye, NatashaM - Member
DePass, NevilleM - Member
Herman, JoyceCH - Chair
Lapolla, AnthonyM - Member
Leboeuf, CraigM - Member
Matheson, ChristaM - Member
Medeiros, JacquelynM - Member
O'Sullivan, KaitlinM - Member
Prag, NancyM - Member
Silie, JazzM - Member
Tiplady, RobertaM - Member
Turcotte, LindaM - Member
Tvrdik, TerryM - Member