Committee Roster


2019 Goals: 
- Increase awareness of RPAC value to members and increase participation
- Responsible for exceeding MAR RPAC fundraising and participation goal
- Review current NSAR Elite Contributor program and make recommendation to increase participation
- Plan stand alone RPAC fundraiser (Bowling Event or new)
- Evaluate results of "Why I Invest in RPAC" campaign and plan for promoting value to members


Member NameMember Title
Billings, RossM - Member
Cote, PamelaM - Member
DiGregorio, AmeliaCH - Chair
Frank, DeborahM - Member
Hazel, MarilynM - Member
Jarvis, MarilynM - Member
Lacroix, AndreaM - Member
Long, JosephM - Member
Mahoney, BrianM - Member
Slatko, BettyM - Member